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Ethical Mongolian Cashmere

London Cashmere Co. is on a mission to provide the trifecta of quality, price and integrity in Cashmere. We bring you luxury cashmere at the fairest price first time by operating directly and transparently straight from our herders to you. This means the highest quality machine washable cashmere at up to half traditional RRP’s whilst supporting the livelihoods of our herders and knitting artisans.

How We’re Different

Our mission is to make ‘you can’t have it all’ a thing of the past – at least when it comes to cashmere.

Fair Pricing

Our direct business model from herder to customer means we can provide you with premium quality cashmere at the best possible price. No sales, just fair pricing first time.

Highest Quality

We use only the longest Grade-A Mongolian cashmere fibres which means our knitted cashmere is machine washable. All of our pieces are hand finished and individually checked by our cashmere artisans.

Ethical and Responsible

Cashmere goats are an intrinsic part of the Mongolian nomadic lifestyle. Our transparent and traceable supply chain allows us to support the livelihoods of our herders and knitting artisans.

Our Story

Our co-founders Dan and Julia are on a mission to make the cashmere that achieves the trifecta of quality, price and integrity. Don’t just read it, see it. Find out more about London Cashmere Co. and our story by watching our video, About Us.

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