Truly ethical cashmere knitwear

Here at London Cashmere Co., we don’t just stand for luxurious and fuss-free cashmere knitwear. With a strong emphasis on supporting nomadic herding communities and knitting specialists, we are actively taking part in initiatives that ensure animal welfare and work towards protecting the environments in which cashmere is made. 

We believe you should have this expectation of every cashmere brand. So, how do we implement these values across every aspect of what we do?

 Standing alongside our herders and artisans

 It is cashmere goat herding that makes our cashmere knitwear possible. This is why we are dedicated to doing everything possible to safeguard the livelihoods of nomadic herding communities and our cashmere artisans. Together, they make magic in their creation of the jumpers, sweaters, cardigans, loungewear and ponchos that you will be proud to call your own.


The shares that we hold in the knitting facility we use in Mongolia gives us full transparency with regard to the environment and working conditions of our cashmere artisans.

80% of the facility’s 800-strong workforce are female. They receive use of an on-site nursery and benefits such as two years’ paid maternity leave and the option for machinery to be transported to their houses to enable them to increase income when away from work.

 Furthermore, by keeping all of our cashmere knitwear production in Mongolia, we are feeding back into the local economy and actively encouraging the survival of traditional knitting techniques.

 Joining forces with other key stakeholders in cashmere

 We go further to ensure our cashmere knitwear is genuinely ethical through our proud membership of the Sustainable Fibre Alliance (SFA), a non-profit international organisation that works across the extended cashmere supply chain from herders to retailers.

 London Cashmere Co. strongly supports the SFA’s efforts to ensure that internationally traded cashmere is produced using sustainable practices. This in turn helps to reduce the environmental footprint of cashmere knitwear and deliver appropriate economic returns for participants from the beginning to end of the cashmere supply chain.

Since its foundation in 2015, the SFA has continued to serve as an independent and non-competitive platform for bringing these participants together in dialogue, with the goal of further strengthening the sustainability of the cashmere industry.

What does this mean for your next purchase of cashmere knitwear?

Buying your next cashmere garment from London Cashmere Co. will help you to play your part in making the cashmere production process a more sustainable and equitable one for all.

Our cashmere knitwear isn’t just high-quality, luxurious and fuss-free – it’s also helping to give the communities, environments and livelihoods that produce and depend on cashmere a viable future for generations to come.