by Daniel Temm

Cashmere that cares from London Cashmere Co.

Effortlessly soft, warm and luxurious, cashmere remains the number one choice of knitwear fibre for good reason. There’s simply nothing else that compares!

We believe in quality cashmere that can be your go-to year on year. This is why we champion versatile wardrobe essentials that are made from truly ethical cashmere. We believe it is vital to know where your cashmere comes from and how it is made. That’s why we only sell cashmere clothing we know to have been ethically and responsibly sourced and produced. 

Cashmere garments produced by nomadic herding communities

Cashmere goats can only be found in a few countries. You’ll come across them in the likes of China, Nepal and northern India – so why did we choose Mongolian cashmere for our own jumpers, sweaters and loungewear?

It’s simple; Mongolia has the harshest winters of any cashmere herding country, which leads the cashmere goats here to grow especially long undercoats. This, in turn, gives us – and you – long and high-quality fibres.

Cashmere Goats Cashmere goat herder


What’s more, we pride ourselves on our direct relationship with our Mongolian herders and knitting artisans by going straight to the source to design and make our garments. These traditional communities are largely nomadic, and here at London Cashmere Co. we support them and their livelihoods every step of the way. 

Goat herders in Mongolia Cashmere goat herder in Mongolia


These close relationships mean that our cashmere is also the most traceable cashmere available and as members of the Sustainable Fibre Alliance, we are working alongside others to make this special fibre even more traceable and sustainable. 

We are committed to producing only the most ethical cashmere. This includes giving the people who make our garments the best possible working conditions and environment.

An on-site nursery is provided for the 80% female workforce at our facility, where two years’ paid maternity leave is also provided. Employees can also have machinery transported to their houses, to give them the opportunity to earn more away from work.

80% female workforce in our cashmere factory in Mongolia

It is common to transport Mongolian fibre to other countries for knitting and production. By being one of few brands that keep all production in Mongolia, we, and in turn you, are ensuring more money is fed back into the Mongolian economy, encouraging nomadic herding and the survival of traditional knitting techniques.

Luxurious and ethical cashmere? We’re making it a reality

A direct and transparent supply chain from herder to customer means our cashmere is cashmere that cares. The process begins from the moment the fibres are hand combed from the goat as they begin to naturally shed their coat during the spring, and continues through to the knitting of the cashmere in the Mongolian capital of Ulaanbaatar.

Our finished cashmere garments are exported directly to us and made available to you online and in our pop-up shops. This direct sales model allows us to ensure the highest quality at the fairest price first time. 


It has been a wonderful journey for the team here at London Cashmere Co. so far and we would be honoured if you were to help us to continue our mission of providing genuinely sustainable and ethical cashmere.

Choose your favourite cashmere garment from our far-reaching range today and we’re confident that you’ll be in love with your purchase for years to come!