by Daniel Temm

If you’ve been reading the latest updates on the London Cashmere Co. blog so far, you’ll know how much we care about producing the most ethical and premium-quality cashmere. We believe you should adore this delightfully natural fabric too! Here are six reasons why.

  1. It’s all natural

    Our garments are all made from 100% Grade A cashmere fibre. With absolutely no synthetic make-up, there are no harmful microplastic bi-products and our cashmere is completely biodegradable.

    When your cashmere garment can no longer be saved it can be returned to the soil, decomposing and releasing valuable nutrients into the ground and thereby contributing to the natural world.

  2. It’s wonderfully soft and cosy

    Ask anyone who has worn our premium-quality cashmere and they will use similar adjectives to describe how this fabric feels on their skin.

    Luxurious... cosy... soft... silky. Nothing is better than the fine texture of cashmere at offering all of these characteristics in high-quality clothing.

  3. It won’t make you feel too hot or cold

    Our premium-quality cashmere is both naturally insulating and highly breathable. You’ll therefore feel perfectly comfortable wearing cashmere in colder environments.

    Garments made from cashmere, however, are also much more efficient than other fabrics at absorbing sweat and releasing it into the air. This means bacteria won’t get the chance to develop and produce odour when it’s warmer.

  4. It’s really easy to care for

    If you’re thinking right now that premium-quality cashmere must be a headache to look after, you’re wrong. This fabric is actually really low-maintenance. Wash your new cashmere garment twice in the first five wears and then just wash as needed in accordance with our washing instructions.

    Get this right and you can be confident that your cashmere clothing will continue looking and feeling great for many years to come.

  5. It improves with age

    The unique fibre makeup of cashmere clothes makes them extremely durable. Cashmere garments can be comfortably stretched and still return to their natural shape so you won’t need to worry about wrinkling or sagging.

    Did you know that cashmere fibres can be bent more than 20,000 times without breaking or becoming damaged? That’s really tough!

  6. It’s timelessly elegant

    A premium-quality cashmere garment isn’t ‘fast fashion’, but an investment piece that will be stylish and durable enough to be worn again and again for many years and even decades. You could hand your cashmere jumper down to your children and grandchildren and it would still be a wardrobe staple.

    Cashmere is as relevant and appealing in the 2020s as it was in any other decade. Shop for the most luxurious and ethical cashmere from London Cashmere Co. to discover all of the wonderful things about this endlessly fascinating fabric for yourself.